The primary purpose of an acquisition is to accomplish management’s strategic objectives and growth initiatives. We work closely with our clients to identify those objectives and develop an actionable acquisition strategy that drives growth. We represent our client’s long-term interest and only benefit from presenting quality deals that align with the company’s targeted criteria. Whether you’re looking to establish a robust acquisition campaign or simply exploring a management buyout, Winston Street’s comprehensive buy-side acquisition program will identify and execute deals that achieve management’s strategic initiatives.

Simplified Acquisition Process

  • Develop or Refine Acquisition Strategy

  • Identity Targets and Approach

  • Determine Deal Structure and Prepare LOI

  • Plan and Execute Due Diligence

  • Negotiation and Deal Execution

Acquisition Strategy

A well defined acquisition plan that eliminates transaction hardships and ensures integration success.

Plan for Success

There is nothing more important to the success of a company’s growth strategy than well defined strategic objectives. These objectives provide guidance on where to focus the company’s acquisition strategy. Whether you are just starting to develop your company’s strategic objectives or refining an existing acquisition strategy, Winston Street will ensure your acquisitions start with a solid well-defined foundation.

Target Identification and Approach

Focusing on deals that are linked to your strategic goals and advance the overall growth strategy.

Deal Pipeline and Screening Criteria

Regardless of the sophistication of your acquisition strategy, the population of potential targets will likely be filtered through a predetermined set of criteria. Winston Street develops focused criteria that correlates directly to management’s strategic goals and forms the foundation from which we develop a pipeline of qualified acquisition targets, whether actively “on the market” or requiring a discrete approach.

Deal Structure and Bid

Analyze preliminary data, formulate and compare deal structures and approach target with confidence.

Deep Dive

Analyzing as much pre-diligence data as possible is critical to a transaction’s success. The results of this preliminary “deep dive” are used to formulate the valuation, deal structure and integration strategies required to make an accurate offer without expending excessive resources until a firm commitment is established. It’s our business to make sure you have all the information you need to commit to a transaction.

Due Diligence

A concerted effort to confirm targets representations and assumptions required to achieve success.

Confirming Assumptions

Due diligence is a constant on-going process; however, after Letters of Intents are signed, diligence becomes a concentrated effort to confirm the sellers representations and verify that the proposed transaction continues to align with management’s strategic objectives and expectations. Winston Street provides a customized diligence program aimed at addressing risks commonly associated with M&A.

Deal Execution

Negotiate and close the final details of the transaction and prepare to integrate the newly acquired organization.

Purchase and Sale Agreement

Most Purchase Agreements originate from a legal perspective; however, the truth is that it also contains significant financial implications. For example, most agreements contain language related to working capital targets, earn out provisions, explicit purchase price allocations and/or valuation. With Winston Street’s expert buy-side advisory service, you can close the deal with confidence.